Arthritis Pain reduction foods


Arthritis is a disease that has no cure and it has long been known, but there are foods that can help us alleviate symptoms and reduce arthritis pain.


The great influence of the reduction of chronic inflammations responsible for joint pain and pain caused by arthritis have sour cherries. 200 milliliters of juice a day or a cup of fresh cherries are advised.

Fish (salmon and mackerel)

Omega-2 fatty acids are a natural remedy against inflammation, and therefore oils of some fish can relieve arthritis pain. Arthritis sufferers should eat two to three servings of fatty fish weekly or daily fish oil capsules.


It’s no secret that broccoli is one of the healthiest vegetables we know. The broccoli also contains sulforaphane, a substance for which research shows that it possesses anti-inflammatory properties.


This leafy vegetables are rich in antioxidants such as camphorol, which has been shown to reduce inflammation and slow down the progression of osteoarthritis.


While more studies are needed, research has shown that ginger reduces symptoms of arthritis, as well as anti-inflammatory conditions.

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